About Us

QANUKIAQ STUDIOS INC. is a 100% Inuit-owned television and film production company based in Iqaluit, Nunavut. Established in 2015, Qanukiaq Studios are amongst the first northern producers of an independent scripted comedy series  – moving them to the forefront of the the Canadian Arctic’s television landscape.


The company is owned and operated by the same team who write, produce, direct, edit & star in the companies flagship series, Qanurli?


Thomas Anguti Johnston, Vinnie Karetak, Joshua Qaumariaq and Stacey Aglok MacDonald have worked together since 2012.  Together they have produced, directed and edited television series such as Qanurli? and IBC shows such as Ilinniq: season 5 and Qanuq Isumavit? A live current affairs talk show on APTN North.

The team brings a unique perspective as young Inuit actively developing and creating film and television projects in the north. They have a special love of comedy and the television format which they believe can provide the territory with consistent work, training, economic growth and opportunity.

In the near future the company would like to produce a mixed language television sitcom and feature films.

In addition to their work in film and television, the team is also highly active in their community and are dedicated to contributing to their language and culture through arts, media and education.  Members of the Qanukiaq team sit on boards such as Qaggiavuut, Nunavut Sivuniksavut, the Northern Youth Abroad Program and TV Nunavut.

Individually the team has acquired the following awards and accolades:

Canadian Screen Award (CSA) for Best Short Drama – 2013

Nunavut Film Emerging Filmmaker Award – 2013

Nunavut Commissioners Award for Youth – 2009

Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Award x2 – 2012

CSA winners in a television category  – Future 🙂