Qanurli’s Kamik & Converse Inspired logo

photo credit: Stacey Aglok MacDonald

The kamik and converse have become a popular image for the Qanurli? series. Its was conceived with the idea of us as modern Inuit having one foot in both worlds – traditional and new.

We recently ran a contest on our social media with the above image and had over 1K likes and shares and got us over 500 new followers! Although our Facebook is usually very active – this was definitely a record breaker for us.

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Malaya Qaunirq Chapman joins Q Studios team part time


Hey everybody, look who just officially started working with us behind the scenes of ‪#‎Qanurli‬! here at Q studios. It’s Malaya Chapman yo!

You might recognize her as one of our lead cast members who plays both Uu and Aa. Welcome to the team Malaya, we’re excited to work with you on all the crazy details of making television and film in Nunavut.


Finding True North “6 things learned working on Qanurli”

Anubha Momin (who worked with us our production manager) runs a super awesome blog over at Finding True North and wrote a story about her experience working with us on the new season of Qanurli! We loved having her join our Qanurli team and we look forward to working more with her!

Screenshot 2016-04-10 12.54.23

You can check out the story HERE.