Qanukiaq Studios

Qanukiaq Studios is where dreams come true…  if you dream about the world having a company that produces an Inuktitut TV series that makes people laugh and smile.

But seriously, our biggest current project is the 5th and 6th seasons of Qanurli? A show no longer produced by IBC. Qanurli is a well known Inuktitut comedy among the Inuit of Canada and starting to get a lot of attention in Alaska and Greenland, if you want more check out Qanurli on facebook.

So, that is us in the shortest possible way to be explained. If you want to learn more send us an email and check out our videos on youtube and facebook.
Owned by 4 mostly young mostly Inuit  young Inuit.

Qanurli on CBC North

Check out the story about our show, QANURLI, by CBC North.

The little Inuktitut comedy show that aims high!  Nukurmiik to our broadcaster Aboriginal Peoples Television Network, our funders CMF and the Nunavut Film Development Corporation and also to First Air, The Airline of the North for supporting us in taking the show to other Inuit regions this weekend! ‪#‎Qanurli‬



Northern Journal writes about Qanurli

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The Northern Journal did a story on Qanurli. From small budget kids in Iqaluit teaching ourselves how to make a tv show with IBC, to starting our own company, Qanukiaq Studios, getting a broadcast license and becoming a CMF funded show – its been a crazy fun and challenging ride for us right from the start. Never give up guys!

We need to give a shout out here for those early years of mentorship and support given to us and Qanurli by Kath Clarida-Fry, Angie Pajek and Stephanie Brown who worked with us at IBC. We also had some teammates in those years that worked crazy hard and contributed some of the awesomest ideas, such as Nooks Lindell! Nakurmiik to our growing team of collaborators and mentors today also. It takes a team.

Malaya Qaunirq Chapman joins Q Studios team part time


Hey everybody, look who just officially started working with us behind the scenes of ‪#‎Qanurli‬! here at Q studios. It’s Malaya Chapman yo!

You might recognize her as one of our lead cast members who plays both Uu and Aa. Welcome to the team Malaya, we’re excited to work with you on all the crazy details of making television and film in Nunavut.