Qanukiaq – Something or Somehow

img_0224The Webster dictionary defines Qanukiaq as something or somehow. As in, “How are we going to do this?” One could answer, “somehow”. Qanukiaq is the first step in finding solutions to all your biggest problems (and some of the small ones).

The crew at Qanukiaq is known for their quiet, timid and shy ways in work as well as in life. This unjoking group of hard-workers see projects through with robotic skill and the ingenuity of a life-long hunter. They once shot, edited and distributed a feature film without once speaking aloud to each other. They take things way too personally and are constantly paranoid.

They all have big families and work hard for them. Each hasat least five kids with at least two ex’s. They brag about this unendingly. Family is important. And so is their culture and heritage.

Qanukiaq Studios is a %100 Inuit owned business. Although none of the owners are fully Inuit. They almost make up a full Inuk between them. And because of this they often pretend there is a full Inuk in the room with them. They do not agree on a name, but have settled on Woody. They must seek immediate mental medical attention.

If you fall for this, than maybe you should email us.

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